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Over twenty 26 million mobile phone subscriptions exist in Ghana.So, we may have more mobile phones than human beings in Ghana! It is also true that the Ghanaian, at any given time, is more likely to be nearer a mobile phone than a computer, a radio or even a Television set.

Businesses, societies, industry groupings, educational institutions, religious groups, media companies, enterprises, and banks have all realized this. They are leveraging on the power of mobile phones, and specifically text messaging, to reach their staff, customers, potential customers, and colleagues with alerts, reminders, and marketing information. This is called Bulk Messaging.

About 200,000 text messages are exchanged every second across the world! Unlike phone calls, SMS is far less likely to be overheard and provides greater accessibility. It is also cheaper!

The best in bulk SMS is called GorselSMS. GorselSMS is a SIMPLE, COST-EFFECTIVE & AFFORDABLE bulk SMS platform for you, your company, church, mosque, educational institution, fan club, etc.

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Clean & Simple Design

Clean & Simple Design

Any ordinary user of the internet can easily use gorselsms

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It takes less than 30 seconds to reach over 10000 people in over 160 countries

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Clean & Simple Design

It takes less than 30 seconds to reach over 10000 people in over 160 countries

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The team at gorselsms helped create a database of my customers for free. Now, I can reach all my customers with very important notices with just a click. Thanks gorselsms.

Mrs Opare- Davis ,Frontline Marketing

I like GorselSMS for their reliability. Even more I like their charges

David Boafo ,Frontline Marketing

I'll recommend gorselsms to anyone, any-day. I reduced appointment no-shows by 42% in the past 2 months. Their system is reliable and the team is very professional.

Kojo Buabeng ,Slyka Consults

About us

Gorsel SNT Company Ltd (GSNT) is a social entrepreneurship firm, owned and managed by young Ghanaian professionals from varying skills-sets and backgrounds.

We are, thus, involved in the development of new social and business solutions, and / or exploring ways of improving already existing processes.

GSNT operates with the mind-set of the future. From Business Consulting to Marketing/PR; from Equipment Rental to Fixed/Mobile Asset Tracking; from Software Development to Digital branding, GSNT's solutions are always an alloy of progressive creativity and IT.

GorselSMS is a product of Gorsel SNT Co. Ltd.

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